Non-linear wave propagation and non-equilibrium thermodynamics

The group’s research is focused on topics regarding non-linear wave propagation and non-equilibrium thermodynamics. In both these areas, the group has obtained relevant results of mathematical and physical interest over the years.

From the mathematical standpoint, the research involves systems of non-linear hyperbolic PDEs representing balance laws. In this field, the research group has achieved remarkable results concerning, among the others, the symmetrization of the system of differential equations, theorems of global existence of smooth solutions for small initial data, as well as qualitative properties regarding shock waves and shock wave structures. One of the senior members of the research group (TR) is among the founders of the theory of Extended Thermodynamics, having co-authored two highly cited and referenced books on this topic, both published by Springer (I. Mueller & T. Ruggeri “Rational Extended Thermodynamics” (1993; 1998); T. Ruggeri & M. Sugiyama, “Rational Extended Thermodynamics beyond the monatomic gas” (2015; second edition expected in 2020)). Recently, noteworthy goals have been reached in the framework of polyatomic and dense gas theory. The outcomes have been supported at the mesoscopic level by kinetic theory and turned out to be in outstanding agreement with experimental data. The group members possess both analytical and numerical skills.


Francesca Brini

Associate Professor

Andrea Mentrelli

Associate Professor

Leonardo Seccia

Associate Professor

External collaborators:

Augusto Muracchini

Alma Mater Professor

Adjunct professor

Tommaso Ruggeri

Emeritus Professor

Adjunct professor