Continuum mechanics

The research is addressed to the construction and study of mathematical models, governed by PDEs (classic, with memory and / or with fractional derivatives), for applications to real-life problems (in astrophysics, bio-medicine, engineering, ...) and social sciences (pollution phenomena, integration of two or more ethnic groups, ...).

In particular, we are interested in the rheological aspects and in the mathematical formulation of the problem for the qualitative analysis of the solutions (thermodynamics, linear and non-linear stability, continuous dependence, uniqueness, wave propagation properties, ...).


Franca Franchi

Associate Professor

Roberta Nibbi

Associate Professor

External collaborators:

Mauro Fabrizio, Brian Straughan, Barbara Lazzari, Angelo Morro, Vincenzo Tibullo, Murrough Golden, Moncef Aouadi