Manifolds and groups in Bologna, II


  • Date: from 17 April 2024 to 19 April 2024

  • Event location: Math Department - Room "Cremona" IV floor

  • Access Details: Free admission subject to enrolment

The aim of this workshop is to bring together young researchers working in low-dimensional topology and geometric group theory in a broad sense. The event consists of main lectures and shorter talks in order to give the opportunity to young researchers to present their own research.

I edition (2023)

Main speakers

Monika Kudlinska University of Oxford "Fibering in manifolds and groups"

Kevin Li University of Regensburg "Vanishing of torsion homology growth"

Maria Beatrice Pozzetti University of Heidelberg  "What are higher rank Teichmüller theories?"

George Raptis University of Regensburg "Simplicial homotopy theory and bounded cohomology"

Davide Spriano University of Oxford  "Curve graphs for CAT(0) spaces"

Paula Truöl MPIM Bonn "3-braid knots with maximal topological 4-genus"

Junior Speakers

Giuseppe Bargagnati University of Pisa "Action of mapping class groups on de Rham quasimorphisms"

Pietro Capovilla SNS Pisa "Simplicial volume and glueings"

Paolo Cavicchioli University of Bologna "Equivalence of plats in handlebodies"

Jacopo Guoyi Chen SNS Pisa "Computing the twisted L2-Euler characteristic"

Gemma Di Petrillo University of Trento "Quaternions and isometries of the hyperbolic 5-space"

Martina Jørgensen ETH Zurich "A combinatorial higher rank hyperbolicity condition"

Giorgio Mangioni Heriot-Watt University "Rigidity properties of (random quotients of) mapping class groups"

Alice Merz University of Pisa "The Alexander and Markov theorems for links with symmetries"

Edoardo Rizzi SNS Pisa "Some cusp-transitive hyperbolic 4-manifolds"

Anna Roig Sanchis Sorbonne University "On the length spectrum of random hyperbolic 3-manifolds"

Matthias Uschold University of Regensburg "Torsion homology growth and cheap rebuilding of inner-amenable groups"



Marco Moraschini, Stefano Riolo and Filippo Sarti
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna