Spectral Theory

Areas: Analysis

Research activities of the group:

  • spectral analysis of systems of equations with polynomial coefficients, and properties of the associated spectral zeta functions;
  • semiclassical analysis of the pseudospectrum of hypoelliptic operators that lose many derivatives;
  • semiclassical structure of wave-functions of quantum Hamiltonians on flat tori, in terms of weak KAM tori;
  • integrable Hamiltonian systems;
  • isospectral systems;
  • spectral theory of singular integral operators with holomorphic kernel on complex domains with limited smoothness.


Nicola Abatangelo

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Simonetta Abenda

Associate Professor

Loredana Lanzani

Full Professor

Alberto Parmeggiani

Full Professor

Research fellows - Ph.D. Students

External Collaborators:

Masato Wakayama, Karel Pravda-Starov, Lorenzo Zanelli, Petr Grinevich, Marco Bertola, Tamara Grava, Christian Klein, Dave Barett.