Complex Analysis

Areas: Analysis

The complex analysis group's research activities are primarily focused on

  • reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces in one and several complex variables;
  • potential theory on Ahlfors-regular metric spaces in one and several variables;
  • holomorphic singular integrals for planar and higher dimensional domains with minimal regularity;
  • applications of one-dimensional complex analysis to fluid dynamics.


Nicola Arcozzi

Full Professor

Loredana Lanzani

Full Professor

Research Fellows and Ph.D. Students

Gianluca Giacchi

PhD Student

Isidoros Iakovidis

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

External Collaborators:

Alessandro Monguzzi, Pavel Mozolyako, Marco Peloso, Stefanie Petermichl, Maura Salvatori, Giulia Sarfatti, Alessandro Socionovo, Alexander Volberg, Matteo Levi, Brett Wick, Ji Li, Stefan Llewellyn Smith, Elena Louca.